Study Shows That Nationalist Reform Leaders Are Likely Piano Enthusiasts

The beauty of music and the right chord it can strike in the human soul is quite iconic. There have been so many shades of human history that has been touched by the accomplishments of great politicians. Interestingly, some of them are Piano enthusiasts. A source from says “Over 75% of political reform leaders are also piano enthusiasts.” This should not be surprising as a quick look at history supports this fact. Before we look at some of the icons that have graced this space, it is important to mention that the list gets longer when other musical instruments are included.

Picture of a girls hands playing the pianoOne of the notable names is Frederick the Great who ruled Prussia in the 18th century. He was known to organize concerts and to play huge roles in the composition of music in his time. This man was a renowned political leader but his passion for music led him to build an opera house. It was said that he was a constant attendee for various musical performances. It is a given that the rhythm that comes from a well worked piano helped him to govern his people. Many will want to argue about the place of the Piano and political reforms but the link between both fields is quite impressive.

Also, an English Prime Minister, Edward Heath was known for his musical prowess. It was said that he would rather have spent his time doing music if not for the ambitions of Margaret Thatcher. This unique leader would have been a strong advocate for if he was alive today. He had a rich mastery and ear for music which helped him celebrate those who could work the magic on a piano. It is on record that he created many huge strides to make the United Kingdom a leading voice in the world. He is a leader who made his mark in music and governance.

Picture of two people playing the pianoAnother icon is Condoleezza Rice who served as the United States Secretary of State in the George W. Bush administration. She developed an interest in playing the piano in her early years and she took that passion into adulthood. It is on record that she performed with a leading soul singer named Aretha Franklin and other great musicians. The power of her music and the impact of her political accomplishments make for a good study.

Beyond the names that have been mentioned, there are other people who have helped to create the right click for piano enthusiasts. It is essential to commend the various local piano movers that have helped to keep the flame and passion alive in various homes. Anyone who has a love for music will understand that it takes a lot of expertise to run a piano moving company. These businesses help you to connect with your choice music instruments even when you move to a new location. Everything about the piano strikes the right chord in the hearts of those who know its value. The number of political reform leaders that will embrace this powerful instrument will keep growing because it is simply a unique part of life.

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Fighting For a Just Cause

It is not uncommon to see people come together to express their rights, belief and persuasions in a well worked manner. This has been the norm for ages and has continually generated the right responses when the collective will of the individuals are well harnessed. It is poignant to highlight the move by a group of dentists who are foreign nationals and have banded together to make a stand for their political rights within the dentistry community. Their vision has been gaining momentum because it heralds the voice of those who know that there can be more for them in a free and egalitarian society.

They are taking a stand and are empowering other dentists everywhere to embrace the free enterprise system and their capitalistic rights. One of the compelling ideas that drive what they do is the belief that the emergency dentist Portland niche has not given a fair chance for foreign born nationals to soar in recent times. It is on record that the contribution that this section of the dentistry community has made over the years is quite iconic. This has made them decide to come together and let everyone understand that it is time to push for a change in the way the industry operates. They have been able to present a paper at the State Congress and they have been winning more followers in the past weeks.

The body has decided to hold a conference that will highlight what they have been able to achieve since inception. Also, they believe that they will be able to build a better foundation for the coming generation of foreign born dentists. It is vital to mention that this cause is wholly funded by members of the movement and they have been gaining greater visibility through their active involvement in the social media.

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How Does A Free Enterprise System Provide Social As Well As Political Independence?

A free enterprise system is one such economic system where governments place very fewer restrictions on the kinds of business activities or business ownership in which the citizens of the country or the state participate. This kind of system is often categorized by many experts as capitalism or a free market.

In this kind of system, a citizen is allowed to live independently in the sense that they can spend their money the way they want to. In such a system, there can be various companies seen who compete with each other to prove their ability and increase their sales. This in most cases leads to high-quality products as well as lower prices. A person is free to pursue any kind of job or work that they enjoy.

How are they better than a country running by socialist governments?

There are various countries all over the world that do not have the facility of a free enterprise system. Such countries are completely operated by socialist governments. These types of governments directly handle their country’s economic as well as social affairs.

So, it means that they direct what type of work people living in the country have to do as well as limit the chance for most people to start businesses. Hence, these companies themselves limit the growth of their own nation by limiting the type of business that can be done as well as the things that a person can buy.

A free enterprise system is far better than this type of government. When summarized, it can be said that this kind of system provides lots of political as well as social independence to people. They do not provide any limitation to the kind of business that can be formed by people and provide them the complete freedom to do any kind of work as well as live the way they want to.

What are the benefits of a free enterprise system?

  • Supply and demand – In such a system, the value of numerous goods as well as services are determined by the market. For example, in the case of particular goods like Gold that is scarce but have a high demand, then their price will be high. On the other hand, if a product is available in plenty and has a lower demand, then their price will be lower. Such a system will produce socially optimal prices as there is enough competition in the market.
  • Incentives – A free enterprise system will be able to provide businessmen with huge incentives that will allow them to work hard as well as make successful businesses. This is due to the fact that the owner of a business is able to keep the whole money that they earn. So, the free enterprise system serves to provide people with a good social as well as political independence to people regarding business. With the incentive of earning a lot of money as well as using the money for other futuristic works, the business owners are motivated to start their own business.

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