Brave Home Inspection Companies Look to Raise Industry Standard

The experience of most Long Island home inspectors in recent times have forced them to start rallying forces to fight what they call unprofessional ism in the home improvement industry. The move began with a rally that helped to sensitize individuals about the inferior materials that are used to construct new homes. This led to a quest to get signatures of people who are endorsing the use of strict enforcement and regulations to stop this negative trend. There have been a few wins since the agitation began and some of them will be highlighted in this piece.

Picture of a home inspector on a roofSome local home inspectors have written to the professional bodies that oversee the Construction, home inspection and general home improvement industries. In their memo, they asked for high quality materials to be used in the development of new homes. They presented various penalties that can be exacted on those who default on this plan. In response to their demands, the professional bodies who have oversight in these industries have come together to issue a warning to all defaulters. They stated that they will be holding a broad consultative meeting in order to stamp out this abnormality that is growing in Long Island.

Also, a member of the State Congress who once ran a very successful home inspection company before going into Politics has lent his support to this move. He said that the current outplay in the market will not augur well for the future of the industry. He said that he will use any means within his powers to ensure that the desires of the Long Island home inspection companies are met. In his words ‘’We are aware that many new players are coming into the market. However, we will not let them trample on the high standards that we have set in the industry over the years.’’

home inspection companyFurthermore, the home inspection companies have decided to partner with some media houses to further publicize their desires. They believe that the more the populace gets wind of what is going on, the better the chances of high quality materials flooding the market. In line with this media sensitization drive, a few home inspection companies have appeared on various talk shows and interviews. They have used the platform to share their concerns and tell people what they can do in order to help in the fight against low quality materials.

Another interesting development is that these brave home inspection companies have created a social media page that addresses most of their concerns. They have been receiving very good responses and reviews from most of the people who have connected with what they are doing. The beauty of their social media channel is that they are quickly putting everyone on their toes as they threaten to name businesses that are not using high quality materials. The push on social media has created a massive wave of dynamic changes because the recent report shows that there is a slight improvement in what transpires in the market.

The general outlook is becoming much brighter and the coming days will see a massive positive turn in the materials used in various homes.


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