Powerful Speech by Queens Company Leaders at Local School

The School Hall was filled to its capacity. It seemed like every person, past and present, who had something good to do with the school were all packed into the hall. The best and brightest Old Students of the School were seated in the front row.

Dumpster RentalOne of the old students of the school and an Executive Officer of a leading Queens dumpster rental Company was also among those present. The Class of 2007 organized this school event as a way of bringing together all old students of the school that could attend the occasion.

An Award of Recognition was given to the Executive Officer of the Queens Dumpster Rental Company. This award recognized the good work that the company had done in making the city clean. The dumpster company serviced hotels, commercial, and residential buildings; providing the best service possible in the dumpster business at the most affordable rate. He had made a name for himself and the school. His achievement is one huge reason why more students now apply every year to study in this school.

During his acceptance speech, he gave a brief account of life after school. What moved the old and present students most was this part of the speech:

“It isn’t so much about what you do. It is about why you do it. When you know the reason why you do what you do, and how it will affect the lives of people positively, you have made the first important decision”.

He added, “The next is to decide to stick with it come what may. The greatest recipe for success is perseverance. Refuse to change your decision to keep on serving humanity with that which you have decided to do.”

He concluded by saying, “I was never the brightest student of my set. When I decided to go into the business of offering dumpster services, I decided to succeed in it or die in my quest to succeed. It begins with you”.

A loud applause followed this moving speech. It is the story of success borne out of steadfastness and it was coming from a student of the school.

The lesson they got in it was that it all began from the inside. It was not a factor of the school attended, or the place you live, but a decision to be the best one can be.

When interviewed by the School’s paper, all the students interviewed were moved by the same words. It was a whole new view to life for them. Hearing directly from someone close to them made a more powerful impact than having just another motivational speaker try to pep them up.

Decisions were made by everyone present to do the best they can because every single act has an integral part to play in changing the world. There is no excuse to fail.

The very next edition of the school’s paper had the headline: START FIRST WITH YOUR OWN WORLD. The image of Queens Dumpster Rental Company’s Executive Officer graced the cover page. A reminder of how much can be achieved with a bit of self-confidence and starting with what you can, where you are, right away.