Study Reveals Leaders Tend to Be More Diet Conscious

A recent study has confirmed the fact that most Political and Reform Leaders Tend to be Health Conscious. This survey which was conducted by Steve Lake shows that dating back to the 1950s it has been researched and proven that the most influential people all had a vested interest in their own diet. According to the findings, it was stated that John D. Rockefeller wrote down everything he ate. It was said that he was so conscious of his health that he did not allow anything around him that does not help his cause. He was diagnosed to have cancerous cells at mid-life but he used a good diet to get back on his feet.

You are what you eatAlso, it was stated that the man who pioneered the civil rights movement, Rev. Martin Luther King was so conscious of what he ate. He was known to keep tabs with the meals he took no matter where he travels to. This made him to always carry handy fruits in his pack in case he was unable to have a good meal. Many people who knew him up close said he was also careful about what he drank. This made him to cut out every form of liquor in his diet and it is claimed that he was full of vigor based on his healthy eating lifestyle. His discipline for eating good food was said to rub off on his protégés.

It is interesting to mention that the 2 week diet review captures the heart of some of these things that these leaders hold true. One of the things that the research did is to help to uncover the things that every dietician knows to be true. For example, most of the farm-fresh produce contains more nutrient than processed food. It is on record that those who went out of their way to eat healthy were able to win the war against certain illnesses in their old age. It may not be known why some leaders chose to have a disciplined eating lifestyle but the common theme is that it paid off in a very good way.

Another leader who was quite careful about what he ate is John F. Kennedy. The study shows that he preferred his meal to be free of fatty food or anything that may affect the functioning of his heart. He was one of the most vibrant men according to those who worked with him. It is important to mention that the study shows that there is a strong correlation between what these leaders ate and the feats they were able to accomplish.

In this study, Steve Lake states that what drove him to carry out the project was due to the need to guide upcoming leaders about what they eat. He said that he believed that he had achieved his goals and he promised to do a second volume of research in the coming days. This study has helped to uncover certain things about many leaders which may not have been known by so many individuals